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We are Interval Servicing - Your Complete Membership Services Center.
Interval Servicing proudly serves members and owners of the Royal Resorts México and Royal Resorts Caribbean.

Like many other resort servicing companies, we help you with the financial aspects of your vacation property. However, Interval Servicing does so much more for you. Interval Servicing provides many tools that make your experience effortless.

  • Easy CSF Service NEW!
  • Update Contact Information
  • Request Membership Cards
  • Title Changes and Transfers
  • Resale Escrow Services
  • Resale Programs
  • CSF/RMF and Monthly Payments
  • And Many Others...
Our highly experienced team possesses knowledge and skills to ensure your service experience is productive and enjoyable.


Latest News

Vacatia - A New Resale Service

The Royal Resorts is pleased to announce a new resale service for their México resorts.

With Vacatia, members can list their vacation property with no upfront fees. Properties listed with Vacatia enjoy a much broader marketing reach than ever before.

New - Easy CSF Service

Interval Servicing is excited to introduce our newest member service – Easy CSF.

Easy CSF lets you manage your Club Service Fee payments easily and with more control than ever before.

Online Owner Loan Service

So you want to share your vacation property with your family and friends? Use our Online Owner Loan service so that your family and friends are preregistered when you can't make the trip with them.


Easy CSF Demonstration Video