Now you will be able to deposit your unit in the Owner Loan program online at (log in required) and get immediate email confirmation that it has gone through. Try it, it's fast and easy!

By using the new Online Owner Loan program you will also be able to:
• Process an Owner Loan for any of your contracts for the current year or for next year
• View all the Owner Loans you have already processed for your contracts
• Enter the names of all the guests for your Owner Loan on the same page

Personalized membership cards for Royal Resorts properties are available as follows:

The Royal CancunAvailableAvailable
The Royal CaribbeanAvailableAvailable
The Royal IslanderAvailableAvailable
The Royal SandsAvailableAvailable
Royal HaciendaBackorderedBackordered

Use this service when privately renting your unit. Our Guest Certificate will give you and your renter peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of. Your renter will receive an official document for them to present at the front desk upon check-in.
All financial obligations must be current and unit must be free of any prior occupancy commitment.
There is an administrative fee to process a Guest Certificate.