Club Service Fee/Annual Maintenance Fee Billing

Interval Servicing prepares and mails your Club Service Fee or Annual Maintenance Fee (CSF/AMF) bill in accordance to your Membership contract. The CSF/AMF is determined in accordance with expenses actually incurred or to be incurred for replacement, maintenance, services (including the Membership Program Operation), utilities, taxes, administration, insurance and other proper operational disbursements. Your bill will include all the instructions to make your payments. Payments received after the due date will be considered delinquent and an appropriate delinquency fee will be imposed. Please refer to your membership contract for details.

Interval Servicing can help you with the following requests related to your bill:

  • Request Balance: Account balance can be verified fast and easy at our members-only website
  • Request Paid in Full Letter: After your Membership Loan has been paid in full we will send you a letter stating that your loan was paid in full. You can contact us to request a copy of that letter.
  • Request Copy of Bill: You can contact Interval Servicing to request a copy of your last bill.

Send your request online visiting