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What is Easy CSF?

Easy CSF is an escrow service designed to let you make deposits towards your annual Club Service Fee prior to receiving the invoice from your resort. If you have more than one membership, you can set up a plan for each one. When the resort invoices your CSF, Interval Servicing applies the amount in your escrow to the invoice.

How it works

The Easy CSF Calculator on the members' portal provides a convenient method for setting up your deposits. And... it does all of the work for you.

You choose the deposit frequency and it calculates your escrow amount, dates and total deductions. If you like, you can make adjustments to the amount and number of deposits.

You then set up the bank account from which debits will be made. Funds are collected via a debit from your checking or savings account and deposited into your Easy CSF escrow account. A US bank account is required.

Participating Resorts

Important Details
  • Enrollment is FREE
  • A $2 USD non-refundable processing fee is deducted for each deposit
  • Funds must be drawn from a US bank in US Dollars
  • Your membership must be in good standing and have a zero balance
  • You may cancel or change your plan up to 30 days prior to the billing date


The Escrow Service is not available for the Resorts on St. Maarten, Curaçao and Aruba at this time.